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Abai Region Develops Foreign Trade and International Passenger Traffic

Abai Region Develops Foreign Trade and International Passenger Traffic

A delegation from the Abai region at the border between Kazakhstan and China met with the leadership of the Tarbagatai District of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of the PRC.

The purpose of the visit is to discuss the strengthening of bilateral relations between the regions. The delegation includes the akim (governor) of the region, the head of the Department of State Revenues for the Abai region, border service officials, the director of the international airport in Semey, and others.

A special Roadmap has been approved in the Abai region and is actively being implemented to unlock the potential of our region as a key transit hub between the two countries. The introduction of modern air transport between Xinjiang and the Abai region is planned, which will contribute to the improvement of infrastructure and the strengthening of mutually beneficial relations. The international airport in Semey plays a key role in this process by providing convenient communication routes.

Measures are also being taken to strengthen infrastructure in the internal regions of Kazakhstan, including air, rail, and road routes. The airport in Urdzhar District is ready to accommodate aircraft, which will increase passenger traffic, especially considering the tourist potential of Lake Alakol.

"We aim to become a 'Golden Bridge,' facilitating the strengthening of cooperation and the development of trade and economic ties. In order to stimulate international passenger traffic and develop foreign trade, we advocate for the opening of temporary border crossing points, providing appropriate support and favorable conditions for the development of this initiative. We also intend to create an efficient investment environment and provide comprehensive support for the implementation of new projects," noted Nurlan Urankhaev.

Projects to establish transportation links with China through railway routes, such as "Ayagoz-Tacheng," as well as through the use of dry ports and the Irtysh River, are aimed at strengthening the transit potential of the region.

Source: Akim of the Abay region

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